[ CS 255 ] Project Idea

Project idea for CS 255, 1st Sem 2015-2016:

Paper: Applying Ceritifcate-Based Routing to a Kademlia-Based Distributed Hash Table
Authors: Michael Kohnen, Jan Gerbecks, Erwin P. Rathgeb

The paper discusses the effects of a binary trust system in structured P2P systems specifically on a Kademlia-based Distribution Hash Table. A Kademlia-based DHT poses only a few routing restrictions and is widely used in networks today (i.e. BitTorrent).

The binary trust system the paper describes is employed with the use of certificates, where nodes, to be considered trustworthy, should be certified. Having a central certification authority may not be aligned with the peer-to-peer principle but the authors argued that if a DHT won’t work under these very simplified conditions, what more in reality.

One of the paper’s future work recommendations was to develop a non-binary metric for reputation and trust (i.e. trustworthiness and/or maliciousness of nodes). With this, I would like to further extend the paper by looking into applying non-binary metrics for trust and reputation and analyze their effects in the routing and storage mechanisms of structured P2P networks, especially on a Kademlia-based DHT. Some of the non-binary metrics that could be applied are:

  1. Peer reputation
  2.  File reputation
  3. Evaluation reputation

With these metrics, it is not only the peers that are checked but also the files that are being shared as well as their evaluations in light of improving system security.

Other reference papers:

  • Paper:  Kademlia: A Peer-to-peer Information System Based on the XOR Metric
    Authors: Petar Maymounkov and David Mazieres
  • Paper: A Reputation Management System in Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Authors: So Young Lee, O-Hoon Kwon, Jong Kim and Sung Je Hong
  • Paper: Reputation Management for DHT-based Collaborative Environments
    Authors: Natalya Fedotova and Luca Veltri

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